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    Name: Mr. Zhang
    Tel: +86-577-27879260
    Fax: +86-577-27879560
    Mobile: +86-13216019559
    E-mail: cndrele@126.com
    Add: Qiligang Yueqing City, Zhejiang Industrial Zone

    About Us

        Yueqing Dengrui Electric Co., Ltd. is specialized in high and low voltage electrical equipment andcomponent manufacturing, sales and service as one of the new enterprise. Company is located in"China Electric Capital" Liu Yueqing City, close to 104 State Line Road. Water, land and air transportationis very convenient, is a freight train station located in Wenzhou, 50 kilometers away from WenzhouAirport, close to Seven Mile Hong Kong port.
    The company's lead product for the arrester, harmonic elimination, fuses series, over-voltage protection, insulator, isolating switch series, the discharge counter, online monitor, from the series, wall bushing series, silicone rubber insulation shields, arrester mounting bracket, insulated bracket, bracket, supporting products are transformers, discharge coil, current limiting reactor. 
        Production equipment, advanced testing equipment, perfect, strong technical force, an independent technical capability to develop new products and complete a comprehensive quality management system, able to tailor a variety of special requirements[more...]

    Hot Product
    ABB type high voltage fuse_drop fuse
    The ordinary belt buckle type high voltage fuse _ drop fuse
    ZW32 vacuum circuit breaker (with shield isolation)
    ZW32 vacuum switch cover (without isolation)
    RW10-10F with arc shield drop type fuse
    GW9 jacket, GW9 disconnectors jacket, GW9 disconnectors insulated jacket, GW9 isolation switch guard
    Drop-out fuse insulated jacket RW11, RW11 drop switch insulated jacket
    Drop-out fuse insulated jacket RW10, RW10 drop switch insulated jacket
    RXQ3-10D, RXQ3-6D round aluminum foot to install a harmonic elimination
    HY5WZ-51/134Q fully insulated type zinc oxide surge arresters
    HY5WZ-17/45Q fully insulated type zinc oxide surge arresters
    HY5WS-17/50Q fully insulated type zinc oxide surge arresters
    HY5WS-17/50DL-TB drop-arrester
    Drop-arrester insulated jacket, insulated jacket removable surge arresters
    JS-8S double pointer discharge counter
    HY5WZ-26/66 MOA
    JS-8, JSY-8 discharge counter
    HY5W-12 export-oriented arrester
    HY5WT-42/120 electrified railway type arrester
    HY5WR-17/45 capacitance-type arrester
    HY5WR-10/27 capacitance-type arrester
    HY5WS-32/85, HY5WS-32/90 24KV distribution type arrester
    HY5CS-17/42, HY5CS-12.7/42 zinc oxide surge arresters with series gaps
    HY5WS-10/30, HY5WS-7.6/30 distribution type arrester
    HY1.5W-0.28/1.3, HY1.5W-0.5/2.6 low voltage arrester
    HY5WS-12.7/50TLB zinc oxide arrester with disconnector
    HY5WS-17/50, HY5WS-12.7/50 distribution type surge arresters
    HY5WZ-51/134GY plateau type arrester
    HY5WZ-32/85, HY5WZ-34/90 station-type arrester 24KV
    HY1.5W-30/80 transformer neutral point surge arrester